Viewpoint Middle School’s naming committee was comprised of community members and parents of future students from School Community Councils and PTA’s from our feeder elementary schools. Through many hours, three names were proposed to our school board, and Viewpoint was selected as the name of our new school. As you look from our campus, it truly is a magnificent sight. We have a magnificent 360 degree view of north Utah county. It certainly will be a destination for photographers and fire-work watchers on July 4th and Pioneer Day Firework displays. 

The overwhelming majority of students and Viewpoint’s naming committee loved Raptors as a mascot. The Utahraptor was discovered in Utah and we are the first secondary school to have the Raptors as a school logo. Raptors were known for being strong, smart and intelligent. We want all of our students to grow, learn and be stronger from their time spent at Viewpoint Middle School. We’re excited to meet you. 

Welcome to Viewpoint… Home of the Raptors!